South Street Community Primary School has been awarded the Silver Accreditation of Sainsbury’s School Games 2017.  Here is a breakdown of the criteria that was met, and in many cases exceeded, by our school in 2016/17.


Pre-requisites met:

  • Hold a School Games Day as a culmination of a year round competition programme.
  • Provide a calendar of competition that demonstrates opportunities for young people with SEND to take part in competition.
  • A notice board that promotes School Games activity.
  • A system in place to track young people’s participation in School Games.
  • Opportunities that attract less active young people to participate in physical activity (Change 4 Life & TOP Sportsability).
  • A positive approach to physical activity.
  • Completed the inclusive Health Check tool.

Silver Accreditation of School Games 2017

School Games Silver Level Criteria How South Street met the criteria
Provide all students with 2 hours of Physical Education and school sport per week 2 hours of PE per week timetabled across whole school.
Engage at least 35% of pupils in extracurricular sporting activity every week. On average there were 54% (85 out of 157) of KS2 children engaging in extracurricular sports throughout the school year.
Of the 35% of pupils engaged in the school’s extra curriculum provision over the academic year 10% of these pupils should be from the non-active population. South Street had 12% (19 out of 157 children) of non-active population engaging in extra-curricular provision.
Use the School Games formats to provide the opportunity for both boys and girls to take part in appropriate level of competition: at least 6 Intra-school sports (Level 1) and 4 Inter-school sports (Level 2). Intra-school (Level 1) sports competitions: 10

Intra-school (Level 2) sports competitions: 29

Use the School Games format to provide opportunity through inter-school competition for both boys and girls to take part in B team standard competition (at least 2 occasions). 7 B Teams entered in competitions.
Promote the School Games to parents and local community at least once every half term. Link to the School Games on the school website via the fortnightly newsletter.
Regularly feature match reports and competition results on the school website, social media and press. Half-termly updates on school website.
Engage at least 10% of students within and beyond the curriculum in leading, managing and officiating in School Games activity. 17% (27 out of 157 different children) lead, manged and officiated in some capacity in School Games activities.
Engage students in the planning and development of School Games activity through student voice. 13 children from Year 5/6 planned and developed the upper KS2 School Games day.
Utilise sports coaches to support school sport. 5 different sports coaches have been used to deliver various after-school sports clubs.
Have active links with at least 3 local community sports and leisure providers. Through representation at the many competitions delivered by Gateshead School Sports Partnership we have links with 8 local community sports and leisure providers.
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