I cannot believe it. I have had yet another adventure.  This time I went with 5/6A to the Hancock museum, which is in Newcastle. My first new experience was going on something called the Metro.

The Metro was very exciting.  I studied the map and even saw a huge mosaic.

Once we arrived, we headed off to learn all about the Ancient Greeks.

Firstly, we looked all around the Ancient Greek Room.  Mrs Hindmarch told us all lots of information.  We saw pottery, coins and statues.  They were amazing! I found the historical Olympic games particularly funny.

We then settled down to play some games, well the children called them activities, but I thought they were fun.  We looked at a map of Greece.  We had to find all the city states.  We created a time line, and also looked for artefacts made with different materials.

After that, we had time to look around the rest of the museum.  The children all wanted to show me things!  First we went to the Egyptian exhibit.  I was a bit confused about the mummy.  It seemed cruel to wrap a mum up like that, but the children taught me there are different types of mummies…phew!

We also traveled into the afterlife, not literally of course.  The Egyptians believed some scary stuff.

Just as I thought it couldn’t get any better, we went off to find out about animals.  I saw animals from all over the world.  My Friend will be really excited by this.  I was also very brave and put my wing in a feely hole.  It was furry, but I still don’t know what it was.

I even find out about ancient life on this planet.  Fossils are amazing!

The children were relieved to find out it was lunchtime.  Bobby Joe, kindly shared his lunch with me.  After we had finished eating, the children taught me how to floss.  It was hilarious!

We spent the afternoon looking at an exhibit inspired by heart transplants.  Humans have the most amazing technology.

Finally, it was time to get going.  We headed back to school where all the children, who had been moaning they were tired, headed out for a play. I then went to assembly.  5/6A had been such good ambassadors for the school, the whole class was made class celebrity. What a day!  I cannot wait for my next adventure.

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