Hi, It’s me, Cuthbert.

This weekend I went to Khadijah’s and Yusuf’s house and experienced stuff I had never done before.  Get ready to hear the best adventure ever.


I was sleeping under an orange, fluffy duvet but was awoken by the chaotic screams of excited children.  I was picked up by Yusuf and went towards the window and saw a shower of milk, white snow cascade from the vast yet unfriendly sky.  That was a new experience for me.  It was like having an army attack you! But then their mum called everyone for breakfast (and I think she was including me).  For breakfast we all had a warm bagel interspersed with grass yet sapphire green lettuce and spicy curry-covered chicken.  We also had golden-yellow waffles with egg.  Everyone sat at the table and ate eagerly. Yacub (Khadijah’s little brother) kept on asking if he could sit next to me, then the same for their sister.  Then the door knocked-not that I was scared- and without realisation, it was their cousins.  Khadijah and Yusuf told them about me and how they would be taking me on an adventure. Alisha, I think that was her name, requested that we go the Metro Centre. Everyone, including me and so we did, another new experience for me! To be honest, everything is new to me. We all went on the bus, and then arrived at the Metro Centre.

First we went to Primark and did a bit of shopping there.  Khadijah got two hoodies, some tops and leggings.  As for Yusuf, he got a hoodie, socks and a Nike jacket.

Then we all went on a train ride.  I had never been on a train before but it felt amazing.  Although I was having fun time on the train,” being a passenger,” everyone thought I’d be a good train driver and so I gave everyone a little ride. The dark-red haired girl sat next to me, training me to be a good driver.

After all the excitement, we went to Burger King and everyone got an Oreo fusion (ice-cream.) On the way, walking down the escalator we stopped at floor two and saw something amazing, so amazing that it made my eyes twinkle with a shimmer.  It was crystals formed into hearts.  Each piece of crystal contained a gleam of sparkle as bright as diamonds in the sky.

We carried on walking and halted at something that made their aunt cry about.  It was ruby-red poppies dangling thoughtlessly from the ceiling and in front was khaki green and a mouldy brown statue of a soldier from the war.  We all decided to move away as the monument was very moving and made their aunt cry.

We went to the illuminous arcades and played hide and seek.  I was glad we went to the Metro Centre because I tried many things.  It was the best ever!



Once again, I was sleeping under my orange, fluffy duvet and was not woken up by the chaotic scream but by the alarm clock which Khadijah and Yusuf called the Monster.  Mum called everyone for breakfast and I was sure I was included again.  This time for breakfast we all had a nice exotic wrap and a tropical fruit salad.  Then we had a cup of rich coffee and began our new adventure.  Due to the coldness, we stayed inside and only went outside for short amounts of time.

Their cousins had stayed over so they all joined me having a new discovery.  Everyone gave me a tour around the house.

It started off with the ‘Home Sweet Home’ frame from the living room, then the dining room, then upstairs into their bedroom, their parent’s room and the bathroom.  Then they all led me into the kitchen where we began to bake.  Khadijah, Yusuf and their cousins made me a chocolate, Belgium cake (warm) and decorated it.

After, they all decided to show some scented candles.  I inhaled a variety of scents: fresh tropical coconut and mango; chocolate with royal orange caramel; pineapple and grapefruit from a paradise; lilac purple violets blooming in the newly harvested fields.  It was really fun, smelling things I’d never smelt before.

After a while, we made slime but unfortunately it didn’t work.

When it was night, Khadijah e mailed some pictures and everyone sat around the fire.  The flaming-red and neon-orange flames roared with ambition.

After a while, we all had to go to sleep.

That was it. My first full adventure was over.  I think this will be the best adventure ever!

Bye for now




Khadijah and Yusuf, you did an awesome job showing Cuthbert about life in Gateshead. You have set a challenge for the next person!

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