Hey there! I’m Cuthbert! As you know, I’ve been sent to look around the world and tell my friend (Angel of the north) about my adventures. I’ve only currently been on two adventures. My very first adventure was on a bus all the way from my dear friend to a really cool place. It’s called South Street Community Primary School! It’s really fun. My other dearest friend Mrs Hindmarch is there too! Mrs Hindmarch sent me on a journey with Yusuf, Kadijah and Yaqub. That was some experience and a weird one too. This weekend I’m going on another adventure yet I am not too sure who with…

Currently, I am doing computing with my favourite class, 5/6 A. I do suppose I like 5 WH yet it isn’t as good (No offense to Mrs Hindmarch though!). A friend of mine is helping me remember all my SPAG. I even learned what that means. Its definition is Spelling Punctuation and Grammar. My friends are helping me learn so much! They told me so many cool and long words to make me so top of the charts and trust me I am. Well I have to go learn more stuff. See you later. Bye!

-Cuthbert xoxo

Written by Ellie Scott Haynes

Today on my tour I met Mrs McGrow, apparently she is in charge! Better get on her good side.

I also looked at things in the corridors.

I met a model of my friend the Angel of the North! Isn’t it good?

I checked on how to be safe in case there is a fire.

I even learnt about these weird things called doors.  They are hard to open with my wings.

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