My stay at Danny’s house

Easter Holidays

Oooooh, a new adventure! This time it’s with Danny, Jamie and their parents. Of course that’s not forgetting the two furry animals. On Good Friday, we got up bright and early to go off to Gateshead Cricket club. Mountains of children were there kicking a strange, white, spherical object. Danny was telling me it was a football. I was cheering him on as he kicked the football, it was great fun! Danny’s team did brilliantly well and even made it to the quarter-finals. As well as this we had many more fun adventures. Here’s the rest…


On Easter Sunday, I went with Danny and his family to Granny Maureen’s house. It was awesome! Apparently some kind of humongous, white rabbit or something was on the loose and had hid some delicious chocolatey goods around. Which of course I didn’t mind one bit! We all ran round (me of course with help) like maniacs on a spree. Well, to be fair we were eggcelent at it…

Moving on, I do wish I could have had a small nibble of the chocolatey goods they all enjoyed yet, I couldn’t. After that, for some bizarre reason, we rolled boiled eggs down a hill and they all smashed, even mine! Yes, I know strange but trust me, very fun!


Great! Another adventure! This time we were on a bus, I’ve been on them a lot! When we got off, we were near that river again. The Tyne of course! We visited the Baltic before crossing a moving bridge into Newcastle. We stopped at a miniature beach and I lay on a deck chair to chill out. While we were walking about, I spotted a really cool place. I could’ve lived there! Wanna know how?? It was Cuthbert house! Yet, of course Danny’s house looked much cooler.


I think Danny must love swimming since we went twice in a row yet the second day was much more exciting because the pool had two very fast slides in it. One of them had disco lights in!


I’ve never seen so many books. Out of all of them Danny and I chose Flat Stanley. Once Danny was bored he read to me and the rest of his teddies.


Danny and I woke up really early since his dad was at work today. We went on a train adventure! We saw a colossal church called Durham Cathedral. Danny lit a candle to remember all his loved ones. Then, we ate the most delicious warm, gooey, amazing chocolate fudge cake ever!

We are back at school now and I had a great night in Danny’s Pokémon bed for the last time!

P.S: It is hard to write this with no hands, at least I don’t have to type it!

Thanks Danny and Jamie for a wonderful time, until my next adventure…                                       Goodbye for now!

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