Friday May 4th
I got to meet Ayla! She was so excited that flew me all around the playground, running like the Flash all the way to her mama and her brother Gabriel. I got to go to Gabriel and Ayla’s House and meet their dog Harrison. He jumped up and gave me loads of cuddles. I played play dough with Ayla and she let me try on her new jewelery – I liked the bracelets the best and decided to wear them to Ayla’s party the next day.
Saturday May 5th
Today was Ayla’s birthday party! We got to go to a special cinema just for Ayla and her friends. We played with glow sticks then watched ‘Up’. We had cake and danced.
Sunday May 6th
Early in the morning Gabriel and Ayla went to their grandparent’s house with me and Harrison. Gabriel, Harrison and I played football in their big garden. We all ate burgers for dinner.
Thank you for letting me stay with Gabriel, Ayla and Harrison especially on the big birthday party weekend. I had lots of fun and so did everyone else!
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