My stay at Sam’s house

Yippee, a new adventure! This time I got to visit Sam for the weekend. This is what we got up to:

After being told at school I was going with Sam I was so excited, so that was when we went off to Sam’s house. Once we got there we watch some TV, there was exciting stuff on there! Then we got a Solero, which is an ice lolly, which was followed by having a chill out. Once we ate them, we asked to PlayStation yet his Mum said no. Since we weren’t allowed to play we watched Bondi rescue, after that his mum put on Judge Judy, which I didn’t understand. Sam started writing a book that I found very interesting. Afterwards, Sam took me on a house tour. His brothers were taking me everywhere! It was torture!! There was one that was the cute one, which was Danny. They were jerking me in every direction, I was glad once I was back in the hands of Sam! Then I found myself gazing up at the icy white ceiling doing nothing until we were reading WWE superstar guide. I hope I can be like those resilient fighters! Then we played a Sonic game, Sonic EXE: uprising or something. As soon as we played, we fell fast asleep.

Didn’t do too much today, we played Shadow the Hedgehog and I really enjoyed it! Then we went off to watch Sam’s Brother Ethan do Taekwondo and he fought like a tiger! Then we went home, had a delicious meal then went to bed.

We woke up nice and early, in fact too early so I help Sam and his brothers with their homework. It was nice and easy to do so it was done in two minutes. Later on, Sam’s bother Christopher, his nephew Elis and Sophie came along. We all had lots of fun together and then we had a scrumptious dinner then again popped off to bed.

I had a great time with Sam and his family, can’t wait for my next adventure! Thank you so much, bye!

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