All the children in Year will be sitting an end of Year 1 Phonics Screening Test in June. This is a national requirement and every child in the land will be doing this. The children are used to doing “phonics quizzes” and this will be carried out in a format that they are used to, so they will not feel the pressure of a “test”. More information about the test can be found here:

We practice phonics for the first 25 minutes of the school day so arriving to school on time every day means the children get to learn their new sounds and do not fall behind their peers.

Should you wish to practice at home with your child, here are some sound mats for you to work with.


When working with the sound mats, ask your child to “say the sound”. You can also ask them to try and think of words with these sounds in.

Should you have any more questions, please see the Year 1 teachers who will be happy to help.

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