Cuthbert, our knitted Angel of the North has been keeping busy both at School and at home!

Before half-term, he went with Years 1 and 2 to Beamish. He had a great time and he was given a very warm welcome by all the staff. He was very excited when the school coach drove by his Big Daddy Angel too!

Over half term, Cuthbert went home with Miss Clarke and her girls enjoyed looking after him. Together, they went to Jarrow Hall (formerly Bede’s World) and he really enjoyed learning about the history of our area. He is only 20 years old you know, he didn’t know anything about our Anglo-Saxon heritage until recently! While there, he enjoyed looking at the rare breeds, and he helped Miss Clarke’s girls make paper bats and broomsticks!


On Wednesday, Miss Clarke and family went to visit family in Brampton, Cumbria. He took this opportunity to pop into St Martin’s Church to look at their stained glass window which was designed by none other than world-famous Victorian William Morris!

Together, they had lots of days out at the park, went swimming and even had a movie marathon one day over the holidays! On the last day of the holiday, as the sun was shining, he joined the family on a bike ride along the banks of the River Tyne. A perfect ending to a lovely holiday 😀

Where will Cuthbert go next….?

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