5/6I have had an adventurous day! We began our journey at the Laing Art Gallery, looking at some of the paintings by different artists. We decided to come up with our own back stories to explain why the pictures had been created, and told these stories to the rest of the group.

We then went off to explore Newcastle’s Christmas Market. We were given a guided tour around a range of stalls to showcase foods and items from around the world. We were even  lucky enough to sample some of the food available at the market. See if you can identify which countries’ food and gifts we explored.

After the market, we went to see Fenwick’s window and walked through Eldon Square to see their christmas decorations (and hide from the rain a little).


Finally, we went to explore Forbidden Planet, to see which Harry Potter collectibles we could see from our class novel ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’. There were so many fascinating things, we would have loved to have bought them all!

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