On Tuesday 12th February, the children in 5/6A and 5/6I spent the morning in the science labs at Emmanuel College.

In two groups, we looked at the effects of combustion, and static electricity.

To earn our ‘Bunsen Burner License’, we had to safely use and experiment with materials using a bunsen burner. We explored the science behind the development of fireworks, about how different metals burn in different ways and with different colours. We tested magnesium (which was very bright!) and iron filings, which acted like a sparkler would. We made sure that all of our experiements were held above the heatproof mat, with our safety goggles on.


We then looked at how static electricity has an effect on different objects, including ourselves. We made a circuit using ourselves as the conductors to make the light go on. We noticed that it works without without a battery, due to the charge in our bodies, and tested how long the charge would last by making the chain of people longer. We also looked at how balloons are affected by static electricity, enabling us to stick them to walls and the ceiling, our clothes, using them to pick up pieces of paper, and even BEND WATER! This made us really think about how the electrons are moving in the materials. We also gave ourselves some ‘unique’ hairstyles using the static electricity.




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