Friday: After school, I went to Holly’s best friends’ house. We played out together as the weather was really nice and sunny. We’re having a sleepover tonight!

Saturday: We went out for dinner with Holly, her dad and Hannah. At the restaurant, there was a funny waiter who gave us silly hats to wear and we sang Baby Shark with his guitar. After that, we went Swimming.

Sunday:  On Sunday I went for a yummy English Breakfast with Holly and her family at the Valley Farm. After that, we went to the soft play and that night I stayed at Holly’s auntie’s house because her mum was poorly!

Monday: We went to the MetroCentre and had McDonald’s pancakes for breakfast! There, Holly took me to toys shops to buy presents for her cousins. We got some ice cream with sprinkles on top and went to the cinema to see Instant Family. It was fab! Because we’d won something from McDonald’s we went back after the cinema. What a treat!

Tuesday: Today I went to see what Whitley Bay was like. We spend soooo much money in the arcades but had lots of fun! We even got a really nice ice cream.

Wednesday: Today we stayed in but syill had lots of fun! We made vegetable soup and baked some cookies. In the afternoon, we painted some fairy doors and decorated the garden with them. It was magical!

Thursday: We went to Holly’s grandparent’s house today and I found out how much fun (and fierce competition!) board games can be! That night night, we went out for a carvery at the Valley and even finished it off with unicorn cake!

Friday: We went back to Holly’s house and she played with her friends. We went to Saltwell Park and when we got back, we even had a water fight!

Saturday: Party time! We went to Holly’s aunty’s house and she took us to a party! I danced by little socks off!

Sunday: We went home to Holly’s and her mum was all better! We stayed in with her and played board games. I’m getting quite good at these now…

Monday: Holly’s friend’s mum picked us up and took us to the MetroCentre. We spent FIVE HOURS there! We bought clothes, food and toys. That night, we stayed at their house and me and Holly slept on the top bunk.

Tuesday: Today we went swimming! It was lots of fun but it’s hard to swim when you can’t move your arms….

Weds-Sat: After such a busy time, we stayed in and played in the house.

Sunday: Happy Easter everyone! We did a big Easter egg hunt and found chocolates, toys and clothes! After that, we went to Holly’s grandparents and got MORE chocolate! Then we went to her dad’s and got even more! I think I like Easter…

I’ve had such an amazing and busy time with Holly. I met all her wonderful family and I love how loving they all are. I wonder who I’ll go stay with next!

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