Aims and Mission

Our aim is to give every child the opportunity to develop their varied gifts and talents.

Hard work and consideration for others are very important. We believe that children’s initiative and inventiveness are best used when teachers carefully structure activities for them.

Our Mission Statement

At South Street Community Primary School we are committed to striving for excellence as we work together to deliver the highest quality of education to enable all individuals to meet or exceed their potential.


Our motto is:  ‘The very best we can be.’

Our School Aims

  • To make school enjoyable for our children through creative, varied, high-quality and challenging learning experiences, thus motivating our children to achieve high standards of work and behaviour.
  • To ensure that our children achieve their potential academically, physically, artistically, creatively, socially and emotionally through high expectations, guidance, support and at least good teaching.
  • To promote positive learning attitudes that impact on children making good progress
  • To develop within our children confidence, a positive self image and a sense of responsibility for their own behaviour which, is reflected in their respect for others.-
  • To offer access to a rich and exciting curriculum which is broad, balanced, relevant and focussed on individual needs and interests.
  • To prepare our children to take a full and active part in society as responsible citizens and life long learners, broadening their horizons and raising their aspirations.
  • To provide a caring, purposeful, safe and inclusive learning environment.
  • To ensure that all staff are valued as committed, skilled and caring professionals within a reflective and developing team.
  • To promote positive images of our school, developing and building on existing links between the school, parents, governors and the local and wider communities.
  • To consider the views and suggestions from children and parents to further improve our provision.

Parent Partnership

At South Street, we like to work alongside our parents and carers to help the children achieve their very best.  By working together, they can all aim high and reach their goals.

parent partnership contract


More Information:

Our vision for 2013/16 (A Picture of our Future)

In the next three years we will:

  • Raise standards in the core subjects in all three Key Stages so that a much greater proportion of children are working at age related expectations at EYFS, KS1 and KS2.-
  • Ensure that the quality of all teaching and learning within our school is at least good.
  • Provide a meaningful, memorable, enriched and exciting curriculum for all children.
  • Ensure all children can access a curriculum that demonstrates progression of knowledge and understanding and in particular focuses upon the development of the basic skills, which in turn, impacts upon and raises standards and attainment in both English and maths.
  • Develop the role of senior and middle leaders across school in order to raise standards.
  • Make improvements to our building so that all areas of school are attractive and all space is used effectively to promote learning opportunities.
  • Actively involve governors in decision making and plan opportunities for staff and governors to work together in order to ensure the best provision for children at South Street.
  • Offer a greater range of learning opportunities for our parents and the local community.
  • Ensure all staff have access to the highest quality training to ensure quality of teaching is at least good throughout school.
  • Develop roles and responsibilities of staff to impact on quality of curriculum.
  • Develop and improve outdoor learning opportunities for whole school to enhance positive behaviour and enrich learning.
  • Further develop ICT to enhance learning of staff and children as well as enhance communication about our school.
  • Further develop opportunities for children, staff and parents views to impact positively on shaping our provision.
  • To personalise and enhance sports provision to ensure children of all needs and abilities have opportunities to achieve and to see PE and sport  as a central part of their lives both in and out of school.


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