Our Vision and Values

Our vision is that South Community Primary School is: The Very Best it Can Be and is:-

An exciting, interesting and fun place for all to learn and succeed

An inclusive school with a caring, safe environment where all members are valued and encouraged

A school that is creative in all aspects of its provision and enriches learning by providing exciting and inspiring opportunities for all to achieve and excel

A school that is at the heart of the community, providing extended services matched to the needs of the community

A school that has a vibrant, welcoming environment and where all achievement is celebrated

A school that has the highest expectations of all members of its community and is dedicated to maintaining and building on the highest possible standards

Our vision and values for our children

Children are happy, secure and safe in school. They enjoy learning, have high self-esteem and achieve their full potential. They take responsibility for their actions, know and respect their boundaries and understand their rights and responsibilities

Our children feel valued and have a voice

They are confident and have high expectations of themselves

They know how to be independent learners and what they can use within their classroom to support them.

They trust the staff and have good relationships with them

They enjoy coming to school, work hard and are proud to be members of South Street Community Primary School

They show resilience to challenge and know that it is okay to make mistakes

They are motivated and have positive attitudes towards their work

They make maximum progress and achieve well

Children are friendly, polite and helpful, they work as part of a team and are responsible citizens

Our vision and values for teaching and learning

Teaching and learning is relevant, exciting and creative. Teachers employ a wide variety of effective styles to suit their learner’s needs. Tasks are accessible, challenging and actively involve the children.

Teaching is inclusive. It supports, challenges and guides all children. Teachers have high expectations of every child. Children’s needs are met through precisely pitched tasks that meet their learning needs

Learning is assessed continually by both teacher, teaching assistant and learner. Planning is adapted as a result of the continuous assessment.

Challenging targets are set and each child carefully tracked to identify the next steps of their learning

Learning experiences are vivid, real, exciting and accessible to all. The Learning experiences happen in a variety of environments, as well as the classroom

Children are taught a rich and varied curriculum tailored to meet their needs, drawing on the expertise, strengths and interests of the staff and community

Our vision and values for our staff

Staff are committed,valued and enthusiastic. They are effective and well trained and provide exciting and inspiring opportunities for all children to learn and achieve

They work as a team and support one another, valuing each others contribution

They are self motivated and have high standards and expectations both of themselves and the children

They are knowledgeable, up to date with educational initiatives and teaching methods and take responsibility for their own professional development

They adapt learning activities for our children based on assessment throughout the lesson.

They give immediate feedback to children to address misconceptions and to move learning forward.  They give children guidance and opportunities to make improvements to their learning from any written improvements.

They manage their time well and follow school policies and recommendations to support their wellbeing.

They share the vision for the school and constantly strive for themselves and the children “ to be the very best they can be”

They have excellent classroom management skills and respect and value all children

Our vision for our parents/carers

Parents/carers are welcomed in school, kept well informed and are fully involved as partners in their child’s education

They make a valuable contribution to their child’s education (supporting their child with homework), and encouraging and extending an interest in learning at home

They feel their views are listened to and acted upon, where appropriate, and therefore have influence in what happens in school

They are kept up to date with their child’s progress and know how they can help at home

They have opportunities to continue/extend their own learning so that they can support their children at home

They are comfortable in approaching school staff, they trust and respect the staff

They are supportive of the school, staff and policies, and have a positive attitude towards the school which they communicate to their children

They are fully involved in the life of the school

Our vision for our Governors

Governors are passionate about our school. They are actively involved in school life and committed to moving the school forward, working together for the children’s development and progress. They are welcomed in school and kept informed

They are actively involved in the decision making and long term planning of the school

They support and challenge the leadership team and school staff  appropriately to improve outcomes for children and raise standards

They keep up to date with current educational initiatives and school priorities

They are known by staff, children and parents and make a valuable contribution to school life

They genuinely care about the school, staff, children and community

Our vision for our community

The school is at the heart of the community in a two-way exchange of ideas, skills and purpose. The school serves the diverse needs of the children, parents and local community and is a source of pride for all

The community has a positive image of the school through our strong links, co-operation and collaboration

The school provides a service to the community, meeting the needs of individuals and groups

The school plays a part in building a strong vibrant community helping to improve children’s life chances and giving them the best start in life

The school utilises the skills and expertise of community members to make learning real and exciting




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