Ofsted Report

Our latest Ofsted school inspection was in March 2014.

We were judged to be a GOOD school.

The following were some of the highlights of the report.


  • The quality of teaching, pupils progress and their achievement, have all improved well since the previous inspection.
  • Teaching is good and there is an increasing proportion that is outstanding.
  • In nursery and reception classes, children’s confidence develops quickly because of outstanding care and encouragement from adults.
  • An increasing number (of pupils) make outstanding progress, notably in mathematics in Year 6.
  • Teaching assistants are very well trained.
  • Pupils’ behaviour is consistently good in lessons and it is sometimes outstanding.
  • Pastoral care is excellent.
  • Leadership and governance are ambitious.
  • By the end of Year 6, pupils reach the national average in English and mathematics. This represents good achievement for all pupils regardless of their starting points.
  • Pupils develop good reading skills as they move through school.
  • The most able pupils are well challenged.
  • Pupils’ learning benefits from high expectations from teachers.
  • Pupils are taught to look after their own safety and well-being.
  • Pupils feel safe from bullying and unkind behaviour.


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