Hi there everyone,

My name is Cuthbert, named after St Cuthbert who is the patron saint of the North of England

Somebody had a very special birthday recently! Yes, The Angel of the North.  He wants to know more about Gateshead so it’s my job to investigate and feedback to him  The trouble is I struggle with walking since my legs are joined together.  I’m going to be asking you to take me home and show me different things about life in this area.

Thanks guys!


Hello South Street,

Angel of the North here.  For 20 years, I have stood gazing out over the A1 and the southern Gateshead area. I have decided that after all this time I want to know more about Gateshead.  I have therefore sent my helpers out to local schools to help gather information to feed back to me.  Each week, my minion will be sent home with one of you.  I would love to see some pictures and read about the adventures you have together.


Thank you.  I look forward to reading all the blogs!

Cuthbert bids farewell to Molla

On Saturday, I played with Molla and her doll's house and then it was time to help Molla and her family pack for Norway. On Sunday, we played in the house all day and had lots of cuddles. I loved being with Molla and even made a friend with her puppy called Hamish....

Cuthbert the Angel goes to Angel’s house!

On Friday after school, I played in the street with Angel. I had lots of fun! On Saturday, Angel took me to Saltwell Park and we went on all the slides and the swings. Then we went to hide in the maze and Angel's dad couldn't find us! After that, we went on the bouncy...

Cuthbert’s weekend with Callum

On Friday, Callum and his brother went to their Nan's house to stay the weekend. We all had an ice cream from the ice cream man and played in the garden. Me and Callum played with his dinosaurs and lots of fun! Roar! On Saturday, I played on the X-Box with Callum! We...

Cuthbert’s weekend with Bailey

Friday after school me, my mam, Lucy and Cuthbert went to Aldi to go shopping then we got a KFC and it was lush! On Saturday, after I woke up, me and Cuthbert got dressed and waited until my brother picked me and Cuthbert up so we could go and see Avengers Endgame. It...

Cuthbert’s Easter holidays with Holly

Friday: After school, I went to Holly’s best friends’ house. We played out together as the weather was really nice and sunny. We’re having a sleepover tonight! Saturday: We went out for dinner with Holly, her dad and Hannah. At the restaurant, there was a funny waiter...

Cuthbert weekend with Ryan

After school we went to the beach and had fun. After that, we got an ice cream and went home to watch Stand By Me. On Saturday, me and Cuthbert went to my football match in our stripe but at the end we lost the game. Next, we went to buy presents at the Team Valley...

Our Cuthbert wins it for South Street!

The Angel of the North has been on lots of exciting adventures over the last 12 months thanks to young people across Gateshead and we have received a prize for their efforts.  Last year to mark the Angel’s 20th birthday Gateshead’s Knit n Natter groups, who meet...

Visit to Autumn’s house

When Cuthbert came to my house, me and Kyra took swimming on Friday! His wool got a bit frizzy! On Saturday, we snuggled and watched a movie. We watched Wreck It Ralph and Cuthbert thought it was very funny! On Sunday, we went to the library and I got a book out. I...

Cuthbert’s visit to Ella’s house

Ella wrote: "Cuthbert has been watching us play games and he cheered because I won the games! We also played with my slime. It was fun. Cuthbert watched Jurassic World and he loved it!"

Visit to Bethany’s house

When Cuthbert came over, he had a sleepover at Bethany's cousin's house and played board games with them. They read books and ate lots of sweets at bedtime!! On the Wednesday, he helped Bethany decorate her potato for World Book Day.

Angel Factfile

It’s been 20 year since Antony Gormley chose Gateshead for his now world-famous sculpture known as The Angel Of The North.


  • The awesome steel sculpture stands at 20 metres (66 ft) tall, with wings measuring 54 metres (177 ft) across.
  • It is believed to be the largest angel sculpture in the world
  • It is one of the most viewed pieces of art in the world – seen by more than one person every second, 90,000 every day or 33 million every year
  • It weighs 200 tonnes – the body 100 tonnes and the wings 50 tonnes each
  • There is enough steel in it to make 16 double decker buses or four Chieftain tanks
  • It will last for more than 100 years
  • It will withstand winds of more than 100 miles per hour
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