Hi there everyone,

My name is Cuthbert, named after St Cuthbert who is the patron saint of the North of England

Somebody had a very special birthday recently! Yes, The Angel of the North.  He wants to know more about Gateshead so it’s my job to investigate and feedback to him  The trouble is I struggle with walking since my legs are joined together.  I’m going to be asking you to take me home and show me different things about life in this area.

Thanks guys!


Hello South Street,

Angel of the North here.  For 20 years, I have stood gazing out over the A1 and the southern Gateshead area. I have decided that after all this time I want to know more about Gateshead.  I have therefore sent my helpers out to local schools to help gather information to feed back to me.  Each week, my minion will be sent home with one of you.  I would love to see some pictures and read about the adventures you have together.


Thank you.  I look forward to reading all the blogs!

Year 6 and Cuthbert at the Leisure Centre

On Tuesday 13th November, Year 6 and Cuthbert took part in a sporting event at the Leisure Centre. Some of our children were Marshalls and ran the events.  Cuthbert tried everything!

Cuthbert at Tom’s house

My stay at Tom’s! On Friday, me and Tom got home and played on Minecraft which was a lot of fun! After playing on Minecraft with Tom, we went to go play outside. I even made a new friend called Callum! After playing outside, we went in for tea and then went to bed as...

Busy days for Cuthbert!

Cuthbert, our knitted Angel of the North has been keeping busy both at School and at home! Before half-term, he went with Years 1 and 2 to Beamish. He had a great time and he was given a very warm welcome by all the staff. He was very excited when the school coach...

Cuthbert and Tilly

      My stay at Tilly’s! On Friday I went to Tilly’s house for the weekend, where we had lots of fun. I met her mum, dad, sister (Summer), brother (Lee) and her dog Winston! On Friday we had a McDonalds for tea and we also had a movie night, where we watched a film...

Cuthbert visited Bonnie

My Stay with Bonnie I have had a wonderful time at Bonnie’s house this weekend! I met her big sister Maggie, her Mum and her dad. On Friday Bonnie had to go to her gymnastics class but when she got back, she helped me eat my tea. Yummy! Bonnie is super clever but I...

Cuthbert is back!

Our knitted Angel of the North had so much fun with us last year, he's decided to come back to us! He's not started very well though - did nobody tell him you're not allowed to run in the corridor...?   He's gone home with Bonnie for the weekend - let's hope he's...

My Weekend at Sam’s

My stay at Sam’s house Yippee, a new adventure! This time I got to visit Sam for the weekend. This is what we got up to: After being told at school I was going with Sam I was so excited, so that was when we went off to Sam’s house. Once we got there we watch some TV,...

Cuthbert stays with Ayla

Friday May 4th   I got to meet Ayla! She was so excited that flew me all around the playground, running like the Flash all the way to her mama and her brother Gabriel. I got to go to Gabriel and Ayla’s House and meet their dog Harrison. He jumped up and gave me loads...

Cuthbert’s visit to Emily

I was asleep I put toilet roll down the stairs to show everyone angels have a cheeky side too! Emily could not believe it! Jenny backed my lugs! On Saturday we all went out Kielder Bird of prey centre. The man let me stroke a tiny owl and I wore a special glove and I...

Cuthbert’s Holiday

 My stay at Danny’s house Easter Holidays Oooooh, a new adventure! This time it’s with Danny, Jamie and their parents. Of course that’s not forgetting the two furry animals. On Good Friday, we got up bright and early to go off to Gateshead Cricket club. Mountains of...

Angel Factfile

It’s been 20 year since Antony Gormley chose Gateshead for his now world-famous sculpture known as The Angel Of The North.


  • The awesome steel sculpture stands at 20 metres (66 ft) tall, with wings measuring 54 metres (177 ft) across.
  • It is believed to be the largest angel sculpture in the world
  • It is one of the most viewed pieces of art in the world – seen by more than one person every second, 90,000 every day or 33 million every year
  • It weighs 200 tonnes – the body 100 tonnes and the wings 50 tonnes each
  • There is enough steel in it to make 16 double decker buses or four Chieftain tanks
  • It will last for more than 100 years
  • It will withstand winds of more than 100 miles per hour
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