At South Street we believe that learning should be fun and this is the key value that we embed into our curriculum. We also understand that children should be well-equipped with the basic skills and these are also central to teaching and learning at South Street. We provide our children with a stimulating learning environment. We are really proud of our fantastic ‘Forest School’ environment where children have direct access to quality outdoor learning. There has been a substantial investment in IT resources to ensure that our children have the very best and up to date resources such as iPads and laptops etc.

We aim to give our children the best possible start to school life. They have fun in the Foundation Stage but also receive a good balance of learning from the 7 areas in the Foundation Stage curriculum. There is a mixture of teacher led activities and pupil choice. The children are encouraged to become independent, communicative learners.

Children currently receive a daily English lesson which comprises of shared, guided and independent reading and writing. There are lots of opportunities for children to develop their speaking and listening skills. In addition, children also receive a daily phonics and guided reading lesson. An additional basic skills lesson each week focuses on grammar and spelling. Other opportunities to develop handwriting, spelling, reading and writing skills are part of our daily routines.

All children will receive a daily maths lesson in which the main focus will be number work and calculations, shape, space and measure, using and applying, data handling and investigations and problem solving. Opportunities to use and practise our mathematical skills are embedded into our daily routines.

We follow the current National Curriculum program of study for science. Children are taught science as a discrete lesson; however it may also be the theme of a topic.

For our Religious Education program, we follow the planning guidance supplied by Gateshead LEA.

Is used throughout the curriculum and children have the opportunities to learn and apply skills in a variety of cross curricular contexts.

As we prepare for the introduction of a new National Curriculum, in Key Stages 1 and 2, teachers continue to plan for the foundation subjects (history, geography, PSHE, music, PE, art, design technology, science) based on the current National Curriculum Programmes of study. The skills for each subject are taught in a topic based approach carefully chosen to meet the needs and enthuse the children.

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