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Cuthbert’s weekend with Callum

On Friday, Callum and his brother went to their Nan's house to stay the weekend. We all had an ice cream from the ice cream man and played in the garden. Me and Callum played with his dinosaurs and lots of fun! Roar! On Saturday, I played on the X-Box with Callum! We...

Cuthbert’s weekend with Bailey

Friday after school me, my mam, Lucy and Cuthbert went to Aldi to go shopping then we got a KFC and it was lush! On Saturday, after I woke up, me and Cuthbert got dressed and waited until my brother picked me and Cuthbert up so we could go and see Avengers Endgame. It...

Cuthbert’s Easter holidays with Holly

Friday: After school, I went to Holly’s best friends’ house. We played out together as the weather was really nice and sunny. We’re having a sleepover tonight! Saturday: We went out for dinner with Holly, her dad and Hannah. At the restaurant, there was a funny waiter...

Cuthbert weekend with Ryan

After school we went to the beach and had fun. After that, we got an ice cream and went home to watch Stand By Me. On Saturday, me and Cuthbert went to my football match in our stripe but at the end we lost the game. Next, we went to buy presents at the Team Valley...

Live Tales

6P have loved their creative writing workshop today at Live Tales. They worked with an author and illustrator to write their own story based on a young boy called Murphy who attends a school called ‘St Demons’! Some of our best sentences were “As he walked into the...

Baking with maths (and chocolate)

4I had a great time making chocolate crispie cakes during maths. They had to calculate the scale and measure out all of their ingredients independently. The best part of the lesson? Eating their hard work!


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