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The chick’s weekend!

The Murrays had so much fun having the chicks.  Maggie and Bonnie loved them so much that we are going to keep 2 at our house! We are so excited. Some of our friends, Daisy and Betsy visited to see the chicks.

Young Interpreters

Some of the children in years 5 and 6 have been doing a very important job helping children and adults in our school, who are learning English.  They have interpreted for both children and adults as well as  supporting the teachers.  They have done a fantastic job!

Chick Watch!

The 9 chicks are getting bigger and stronger every day. They have now moved to their bigger tank. They having been getting lots of cuddles. The nursery children have been loving exploring them. .

Chick Watch!

Exciting news! There are 9 chicks today! They are making lots of lovely cheeping sounds and they keep falling asleep.  They seem very happy to be in nursery.  we will continue to keep you posted on all chick related developments.

Cuthbert’s Holiday

 My stay at Danny’s house Easter Holidays Oooooh, a new adventure! This time it’s with Danny, Jamie and their parents. Of course that’s not forgetting the two furry animals. On Good Friday, we got up bright and early to go off to Gateshead Cricket club. Mountains of...

5/6A at the Hancock

I cannot believe it. I have had yet another adventure.  This time I went with 5/6A to the Hancock museum, which is in Newcastle. My first new experience was going on something called the Metro. The Metro was very exciting.  I studied the map and even saw a huge...


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