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On Friday 8th December, some of our year 5/6 girls spent the afternoon making body scrubs from natural products such as brown sugar, essential oils, lavender and...

Florence Nightingale

This term, Years 1 and 2 have been learning all about Florence Nightingale. From her upbringing to the changes she made to the nursing profession. The children loved learning about the gruesome conditions of the hospitals before Florence came along! We were very lucky...

Our Trip Back In Time

The children from Years 1 and 2 went to Beamish recently to find out all about Victorian jobs. We had a great day and the children loved finding out about the different jobs. We went to the work shop, looked at a limousine and a tram and had a think about what a...

Weaving Stretchers

It’s not easy transporting injured soldiers back to the hospital so we decided to give Florence Nightingale a hand and experimented with different materials to make some stretchers for her!

Exploring Christmas

3/4P and 3/4I will be spending the next few weeks learning all about how different countries celebrate Christmas. To start off the mini topic the children enjoyed visiting the international Christmas market where they learnt a little bit about how different countries...

Egyptian Death Masks

At the Hancock Museum, we were fascinated by the replica death mask of Tutankhamun. It was described as elegant, bright and colourful, as well as a little bit scary! We decided that we would be good at designing our own Egyptian death masks. [gallery...

Exploring Egyptians at the Hancock Museum

On Wednesday 27th September, all of Year 3 and Year 4 visited the Hancock Museum, to investigate about the Ancient Egyptians. We worked with an Egyptologist called Kathryn, who showed us how they find out about their mummies. We looked at x-rays and CT scans of the...


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