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Visit to Autumn’s house

When Cuthbert came to my house, me and Kyra took swimming on Friday! His wool got a bit frizzy! On Saturday, we snuggled and watched a movie. We watched Wreck It Ralph and Cuthbert thought it was very funny! On Sunday, we went to the library and I got a book out. I...

Double millionaire!

Well done Yusuf for having read an incredible TWO MILLION words in Accelerated Reader! You can help your child aim high like Yusuf by reading with them every night and making sure they bring their reading folder into school every day. Keep going Yusuf!

Visit to Bethany’s house

When Cuthbert came over, he had a sleepover at Bethany's cousin's house and played board games with them. They read books and ate lots of sweets at bedtime!! On the Wednesday, he helped Bethany decorate her potato for World Book Day.


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