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Cuthbert at Tom’s house

My stay at Tom’s! On Friday, me and Tom got home and played on Minecraft which was a lot of fun! After playing on Minecraft with Tom, we went to go play outside. I even made a new friend called Callum! After playing outside, we went in for tea and then went to bed as...

Busy days for Cuthbert!

Cuthbert, our knitted Angel of the North has been keeping busy both at School and at home! Before half-term, he went with Years 1 and 2 to Beamish. He had a great time and he was given a very warm welcome by all the staff. He was very excited when the school coach...

Cuthbert and Tilly

      My stay at Tilly’s! On Friday I went to Tilly’s house for the weekend, where we had lots of fun. I met her mum, dad, sister (Summer), brother (Lee) and her dog Winston! On Friday we had a McDonalds for tea and we also had a movie night, where we watched a film...

Outdoor learning

The children have been making the most of the warm weather and exploring our outdoor area. This has given them a chance to use their gross and fine motor skills and problem solve. They have been mark-making both indoors and outdoors. They've really enjoyed themselves...


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