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Snow Fun!

The nursery children loved exploring the snow.  Before we could get outside to enjoy it we put it into the water tray so the children could practice making little snowmen.  Then we all got wrapped up warm to head outside! we were very excited! We filled buckets, made...

Meeting a celeb!

Imagine if you could meet Little Mix? Well that's what happened to the lovely Alyssa over Christmas! A cancer charity called Cancer Connections in South Shields arranged the whole thing. Alyssa's cousin and a few others donated and 10 children from our region were...

6P go to uni!

6P have had an inspiring day visiting Northumbria University. We took part in a campus tour, sports games and participated in a problem solving activity. We loved exploring the campus and we all graduated as an apprentice student at the end of the...

A new home

The nursery children have enjoyed building an enclosure for the guinea pig to play in. Through this activity, the children learned how to solve problems by talking to each other. This also used their mathematical brain (making shapes fit) and also learned about...


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