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Cuthbert’s Holiday

 My stay at Danny’s house Easter Holidays Oooooh, a new adventure! This time it’s with Danny, Jamie and their parents. Of course that’s not forgetting the two furry animals. On Good Friday, we got up bright and early to go off to Gateshead Cricket club. Mountains of...

5/6A at the Hancock

I cannot believe it. I have had yet another adventure.  This time I went with 5/6A to the Hancock museum, which is in Newcastle. My first new experience was going on something called the Metro. The Metro was very exciting.  I studied the map and even saw a huge...

Eggs-ceptional Creativity

As part of our Easter Festival, parents were invited into the classrooms to join children in the decoration of Easter eggs. There were some eggs-cellent ideas, including some creatures, tv characters, and even celebrities! All of the children put in a fantastic...

Cuthbert’s weekend

My stay at Grace’s House Saturday I woke up quite early Saturday morning at Grace’s house. After breakfast we went over to Grace’s Dad’s boxing club to watch him do his training. He was very good! Me and my new friend Grace, had our photos taken in the boxing ring. It...


Would you believe it?  I've only been at school a week and already I've been to Newcastle University.  I learnt so much about computing. Can't wait to tell my...

Tour of school

Hey there! I’m Cuthbert! As you know, I’ve been sent to look around the world and tell my friend (Angel of the north) about my adventures. I’ve only currently been on two adventures. My very first adventure was on a bus all the way from my dear friend to a really cool...


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