Welcome to our Early Years Foundation Stage.

Nursery and Reception are made up of four classes: Nursery AM and Nursery PM, RL and RS.

Our fabulous teachers are Mrs Fox, Miss Smith, Miss Lundy and Mrs Shenton.

We are also lucky to have our brilliant supporting staff: Mrs Murray, Mrs Binns, Mrs Sullivan, Mrs Saxby, Mrs Atkinson and Miss Scullion.


Over this term, the children will be learning about plants and animals. The children learnt a lot on our visit to Hall Hill Farm and we will be building on this to increase their knowledge of, and understanding of the world in which they live.

Talk Boost

Reception have been running a special program this term to help boost speaking and listening with our younger children.  Their parents popped in to see what they had been doing.  It was very...

The chick’s weekend!

The Murrays had so much fun having the chicks.  Maggie and Bonnie loved them so much that we are going to keep 2 at our house! We are so excited. Some of our friends, Daisy and Betsy visited to see the...

Chick Watch!

The 9 chicks are getting bigger and stronger every day. They have now moved to their bigger tank. They having been getting lots of cuddles. The nursery children have been loving exploring them....

What we’ve been learning

We had a great day out on Tuesday.

We wallked to Caedmon Hall at Gateshead Library  to watch a performance, The Littlest Christmas Elf. It was great!

We also got to experience the first snowfall of 2017.

For National Anti-Bullying week, Reception children listened to the story of The Rainbow Fish. We discussed how to be kind and caring towards each other. We also talked about and practised sharing with different objects.

Miss Lundy brought in a real fish and octopus for us to look at.

As you can see, we were fascinated!

We like to use the laptops. We often play maths games on them.

As a special Golden Time treat we welcomed special visitors from Nursery. Thunder and Lightening the guinea pigs. We were very gentle with them and we fed them some pear.
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