Years 1 and 2 are made up of three classes: 1/2W1/2MC and 2R.

Our amazing teachers are Miss Wilson, Mrs McEwan and Miss Clarke;  and Mrs Rossen.

We are supported by the fantastic Mrs McLeod, Mrs Toytekin, Mrs Murray, Mrs Saxby and Mrs Stewart.

This term, our children will be learning about the Great Fire of London and different art techniques. After half-term, we will be learning how to use a laptop and finding out about churches. If you have a computer or laptop at home, we would be grateful if you could show your children how to type their name on the keyboard as this will give them a head-start in class!



Snow fun!

The sun may be shining now, but doing our recent mini snow storm, the children of Years 1/2 took time out of their busy day to go out and... just have fun! We made snow angels, had snow ball fights and even built a snowman! We all came back into the classroom with...

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