Years 3 and 4 are made up of three classes: 3T, 3/4I and 3/4WH.

Our amazing teachers are Mrs Tyrie, Miss Iredale and Miss Wallace, and occasionally Mrs Hindmarch

We are supported by the fantastic Mrs Ferry, Miss Connor, Miss Scullion and Miss Dayson.


This term we are learning about the Stone age for our topic work.  In science, we are learning all about flowers and plants. We are learning about what it means to be a Hindu for R.E.and how to be safe on the internet for computing.


3/4I Swimming Monday

3T P.E. Monday

3/4W P.E. Wednesday

Cuthbert the Angel goes to Angel’s house!

On Friday after school, I played in the street with Angel. I had lots of fun! On Saturday, Angel took me to Saltwell Park and we went on all the slides and the swings. Then we went to hide in the maze and Angel's dad couldn't find us! After that, we went on the bouncy...

Cuthbert’s weekend with Callum

On Friday, Callum and his brother went to their Nan's house to stay the weekend. We all had an ice cream from the ice cream man and played in the garden. Me and Callum played with his dinosaurs and lots of fun! Roar! On Saturday, I played on the X-Box with Callum! We...

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