Years 5 and 6 are made up of three classes: 5/6A5/6I and 6P.

Our amazing teachers are Mr Iley, Mr Archer, Miss Parkin and Mrs Hindmarch.

We are supported by the fantastic Miss Moody, Mrs Capel and Mrs Schultz.

Spring 2019

We have an exciting term planned for Year 5/6!

Our topic for this term is ‘Maya’, where we will be learning all about the Mayan Civilisation.

In English, the Year 6s are working hard in preparation for their SATs.

5/6A and 5/6I are journeying around the world with Michael and Stella in ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’. Who knows what adventures are in store…

Cuthbert’s weekend with Bailey

Friday after school me, my mam, Lucy and Cuthbert went to Aldi to go shopping then we got a KFC and it was lush! On Saturday, after I woke up, me and Cuthbert got dressed and waited until my brother picked me and Cuthbert up so we could go and see Avengers Endgame. It...

Cuthbert’s Easter holidays with Holly

Friday: After school, I went to Holly’s best friends’ house. We played out together as the weather was really nice and sunny. We’re having a sleepover tonight! Saturday: We went out for dinner with Holly, her dad and Hannah. At the restaurant, there was a funny waiter...

Live Tales

6P have loved their creative writing workshop today at Live Tales. They worked with an author and illustrator to write their own story based on a young boy called Murphy who attends a school called ‘St Demons’! Some of our best sentences were “As he walked into the...

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