Years 5 and 6 are made up of three classes: 5WH5/6A and 6P.

Our amazing teachers are Miss Wallace and Mrs Hindmarch, Mr Archer and Miss Parkin.

We are supported by the fantastic Miss Moody, Mrs Capel and Mrs Schultz.

Spring 2018

We have an exciting term planned for year 5/6!

In topic, we are learning all about the Ancient Greeks.  This will lead us to look at where Greece is, their art, their language and it’s influence, life as an ancient Greek in the different city states and of course, their many gods and goddesses and the stories about them.

We are also going to learn about Animals, including humans, the influence of prayer in different religions, the parts of the body in French, as well as how to write some simple computer programming.

Year 5/6 went Home for Christmas

This year Year 5/6 helped to teach everyone about the importance of a loving home at Christmas.  A home can be made by people who care about each other.  This is more important than all the...

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