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I’d like to welcome you to our school website.
I hope you find it interesting and that it encourages you to find out more about our school. We aim to keep it updated regularly.
For the latest news and activities from our classes, please follow our Twitter feed.
Please do get in touch should you have any questions or if would like to share feedback with us.
Thank you for visiting…please do come back often.
Mrs Julie McGrow

Head Teacher




What’s coming up!



School is closed for the summer. See you on
Tuesday 3rd September! 



Breakfast Club is on
every morning from 8am
in the Community Room.

Cost £1* per child.

*Free for children on FSM




This Week’s Class Celebrities

12th July 2019






Accelerated Reader
Class Winner 12/07/19: 2R with 95.7%!



To help your child’s class win please remember to listen to your child read, and to return their folder each day.

Our attendance target is 97%

Whole school attendance week ending 12 July 2019 was 92.99%

1204 minutes were lost due to lateness.  This is equal to 20 hours and 3 minutes and is the result of 42 children.

  • Nursery 78.18% 78.18%
  • 1W 93.33% 93.33%
  • 3/4 I 86.15% 86.15%
  • 5/6 I 97.84% 97.84%
  • Reception 93.44% 93.44%
  • 2 R 94.29% 94.29%
  • 3/4 W 94.81% 94.81%
  • 1/2 MC 97% 97%
  • 3T 89.58% 89.58%
  • 5/6 A 100% 100%
  • 6P 95.71% 95.71%

House Points

Angel of the North


The Sage


Blog Posts

Talk Boost

Reception have been running a special program this term to help boost speaking and listening with our younger children.  Their parents popped in to see what they had been doing.  It was very exciting.

Young Interpreters

Some of the children in years 5 and 6 have been doing a very important job helping children and adults in our school, who are learning English.  They have interpreted for both children and adults as well as  supporting the teachers.  They have done a fantastic job!

Cuthbert’s Holiday

 My stay at Danny’s house Easter Holidays Oooooh, a new adventure! This time it’s with Danny, Jamie and their parents. Of course that’s not forgetting the two furry animals. On Good Friday, we got up bright and early to go off to Gateshead Cricket club. Mountains of...

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