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I’d like to welcome you to our school website.
I hope you find it interesting and that it encourages you to find out more about our school. We aim to keep it updated regularly.
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Please do get in touch should you have any questions or if would like to share feedback with us.
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Mrs Julie McGrow

Head Teacher

What’s coming up!


Breakfast Club is on every morning
from 8am in the Community Room.

Cost £1* per child.

*Free for children on FSM



This Week’s Class Celebrities

and good manners awards

18th January 2019

Accelerated Reader
Class Winner 18.1.19


We also have Yusef, who is our first Accelerated Reader Millionaire, having read an amazing 1,000,000 words since September! We have a feeling we’ll be seeing some more millionaires throughout the rest of this term…

These children received awards for their superb work with TalkBoost!

To help your child’s class win please remember to listen to your child read,
and to return their folder each day.

Our attendance target is 97%

Attendance week ending 11 January 2019

  • Nursery 90.91% 90.91%
  • 1W 90% 90%
  • 3/4 I 97.12% 97.12%
  • 5/6 I 98.15% 98.15%
  • Reception 97.38% 97.38%
  • 2 R 96.59% 96.59%
  • 3/4 W 85.94% 85.94%
  • 1/2 MC 92.50% 92.50%
  • 3T 98.96% 98.96%
  • 5/6 A 94.50% 94.50%
  • 6P 97.32% 97.32%
House Points

Angel of the North


The Sage


Blog Posts

Cuthbert at Tom’s house

My stay at Tom’s! On Friday, me and Tom got home and played on Minecraft which was a lot of fun! After playing on Minecraft with Tom, we went to go play outside. I even made a new friend called Callum! After playing outside, we went in for tea and then went to bed as...

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