Did you know that of pupils who miss between 10% and 20% of school:
 only 35% manage to go on and achieve five A* to C GCSEs including English and mathematics, compared to
73% of pupils with over 95% attendance
 only 66% of pupils gained a Level 4+ in English or mathematics at Key Stage 2, compared to 87% of pupils
with over 95% attendance.
(Source: DfE, 2011)

It’s not just illnesses that keep children away from school. Although companies make it tempting for parents to book holidays during term-time, this can have an impact not only on your chi;d’s education, but on your wallet also. Gateshead Council can charge parents £60 per child for unauthorised absence.

Please see the following link about the powers local councils have to enforce school attendance: https://www.gov.uk/school-attendance-absence/legal-action-to-enforce-school-attendance


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