Accelerated Reader

In order to support our focus on reading, we researched a number of reading programs that would help develop a culture of ‘reading for pleasure’, as well as allowing staff, parents and pupils to monitor progress and attainment. Accelerated Reader allows South Street to achieve this.

Children using Accelerated Reader choose their own books to read, rather than having one assigned to them. This makes reading a much more enjoyable experience as they can choose books that are interesting to them. Teachers help your child choose books at an
appropriate readability level that are challenging without being frustrating, ensuring that your child can pass the quiz and experience success. If your child does not do well on the quiz, the teacher may help your child:
• Choose another book that is more appropriate.
• Ask more probing questions as your child reads and before your child takes a quiz.
• Pair your child with another pupil, or even have the book read to your child.
In most cases, children really enjoy taking the quizzes. Since they’re reading books at their reading and interest levels, they are likely to be successful. This is satisfying for most children. Best of all, they learn and grow at their own pace.

How you can help

If you wish to help your child select a reading book then visit and click on Advanced Search. By conducting an advanced search, you can generate book lists that contain titles based on the criteria you enter such as book level, topic, interest level, fiction/nonfiction, etc. This is a great idea when looking for presents.

Using Accelerated Reader at Home

If you would like to see your child’s progress at home, you can access the South Street page at

Your child will be able to log in using their username and password – the same one that they use in school. This will bring you up to the home page. To access the accelerated reader section, you will need to click on the orange square button labelled ‘Accelerated Reader’.

From here, there are 3 options your child has. Initially, you will be taken to the page where the children can find their books to take their quizzes during Accelerated Reader time in school.

**Please note – Accelerated Reader will not allow your child to quiz at home**

In the top right corner, there are two other options, labelled ‘Progress’ and ‘Bookshelf’.

In the Progress section, you can see your child’s average percentage they have scored on quizzes in class. Their personal target is at least 85%, but we are beginning to be quite competitive within the class to be ‘The Very Best We Can Be’.

Accelerated Reader will give you your child’s ZPD range – this is the band of books which they will be recommended to read within. Children have started the Autumn term from the bottom of their bands, and are progressing when they are consistently scoring highly in quizzes. The aim is to score 100% when quizzing!

The page will also show you how many books your child has read, what percentage of those are non-fiction, and how many words they have read altogether. It’s amazing to see how many words they have read!

The Bookshelf section builds up a ‘library’ of all of the books your child has read throughout Accelerated Reader. It shows how they scored in each quiz, and the star rating they gave for each book. The star rating shows how much the children enjoyed the book, and is used to help generate suggested book titles to the children for them to read next. These show up on their search page.


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