Welcome to Years 3 and 4!

Years 3 and 4 are made up of three classes: 3T, 3/4P and 3/4W.

Our amazing teachers are Mrs Tyrie, Miss Parkin and Mr Iley.

We are supported by the fantastic Mrs Ferry, Miss Crydiac, Mrs Bailey, Miss Scullion and Miss Dayson.

This term, 3T are reading ‘The Twits’ by Roald Dahl. 3/4P and 3/4W are reading ‘Stormbreaker’ by Anthony Horowitz. We have been doing a range of activities linked to these books, as well as other exciting things!

Egyptian Death Masks

At the Hancock Museum, we were fascinated by the replica death mask of Tutankhamun.

It was described as elegant, bright and colourful, as well as a little bit scary!

We decided that we would be good at designing our own Egyptian death masks.

Egyptian Exploration at the Hancock Museum

On Wednesday 27th September, all of Year 3 and Year 4 visited the Hancock Museum, to investigate about the Ancient Egyptians.

We worked with an Egyptologist called Kathryn, who showed us how they find out about their mummies. We looked at x-rays and CT scans of the mummies at the museum, Irtyru and Bakt en Hor, to see what was inside of them and what they looked like.

We then explored the Egyptian display at the museum, to find out more facts about the life of the Ancient Egyptians.

In Chapter 5 of Stormbreaker, Alex Rider heads to an S.A.S. training camp, to prepare for his role as a secret agent. 3/4P and 3/4W took part in our own training camp, as we immersed ourselves into the story and became Alex for the day.

It was tough!

We were put through our paces in the army marching exercise. We battled the elements to build our own survival camps. We crawled and wriggled under a giant cargo net. We pushed ourselves to the limit during the physical training circuits.

Mission: Complete! We all passed our training to join the South Street Secret Service!

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